Accounting Features Core System
General Ledger

The General Ledger is an integral part of your accounting system. Tencia’s General ledger offers real time data and is fully integrated which is fundamental to ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your financial information.


Efficient cash management is fundamental in today’s ever changing business environment. The Tencia cashbook maintains an up to date running balance of your cash position so you are fully informed about your organisations liquidity at any point in time and able to forecast future cash flow based on accurate data. Keeping you informed and in control.


The debtors feature allows you to keep track of important customer sales and credit information. Tencia gives you the ability to quickly and easily monitor customer outstanding balances. The simple to use interface lets you perform detailed on screen inquiries providing you with up to date information to enable efficient customer follow up and collection of outstanding amounts.

Foreign Currency

With Tencia you can enter purchase orders, creditor’s invoices, sales orders, debtor invoices, General Ledger payments and journals and credit notes in a foreign currency.Tencia allows for centralised cash related transactions, for currencies in addition to the local currency.


The creditors feature allows you to keep track of and reconcile your creditor accounts. Tencia’s easy to use interface allows for rapid data entry of supplier invoices. Giving you the insight you need to monitor the age of your suppliers debt, more effectively.

Purchase Orders

Tencia’s Purchase Order features allow you to effectively manage orders that are placed with suppliers.This feature is fully integrated with job costing, Bill of Materials and the Sales Order system so that automatic stock allocation to customer backorders occurs.

Sales Orders

The sales order features in Tencia allow users to manage the complete sales order cycle, from preparing quotes to issuing Debtor invoices.Tencia allows users to easily print invoices, packing slips and credit notes and integrates fully with Stock, Debtors, Purchase Orders and Bill of Materials, saving you time and reducing the possibility of errors.


The Tencia stock module gives you control over the entire stock cycle, from the initial purchase of the goods to the eventual sales, making it easy to track stock movements and inventory levels quickly and accurately.


For organisations that have more than one company operating, the Multi-Company feature in Tencia has been developed to assist and streamline the creation and optional consolidation of these companies.


A transparent layered security model provides the foundation for the Tencia user experience. It aims to deliver a user experience which helps both employees and systems administrators become more efficient and productive

Serial Batch Tracking

Tencia’s Serial Tracking feature provides the mechanism to easily and immediately identify, monitor and track the movement of stock items by a unique characteristic such as a Serial, Batch or Roll number.

Advanced Sales Analysis

The Advanced Sales Reporting includes a collection of reports that report and present sales statistics in various formats. These reports have been designed to assist in the analysis and interpretation of sales data within Tencia.

Special Pricing Matrix

The Special Pricing feature provides the ability to set up and maintain special prices for stock, customers and suppliers. These special prices can be in the form of a special price, discount percentage, discount value, mark-up percentage or price reduction. These special prices can be set optionally including quantity breaks and date ranges.

Tencia Report Designer

The Tencia Report Designer feature allows for the creation, modification and output of standard stationary such as invoices, statements and reports. The Report Designer is capable of printing to various printers, exporting data to various formats including PDF, RTF, XLS and HTML which can then be emailed.

Contact Management

The Contact Management module was developed to streamline and facilitate transparency of interactions with both customers and suppliers. The Tencia contact management module also offers centralised administration of contact details; the ability to record and track contact interaction and activity on an adhoc or recurring basis. Contact Management also assists in the managing of interactions via task lists and reminders.

Analytical Accounting

Looking for an easy way to track expense and revenue accounts by analysis groups without the need to create excessive general ledger accounts?

Analytical Accounting is primarily used to trace expense and revenue accounts by analysis groups (dimension codes) in order to derive profit and loss by dimension codes. Dimension codes can be attached to transactions entered within Tencia at the time of transaction entry or pre-populated within the transaction based on dimension defaults. Offering an efficient method of generating profit and loss reports outside the boundaries of the general ledger account structure.

So if you’re looking for an efficient no fuss way to produce reports by project, employees, region, patients or line of business etc. Tencia with Analytical Accounting implemented could suit your requirements.

Specialist Modules
Job Costing

Tencia’s Job/Time Costing feature is fully integrated. It integrates to Creditors, Stock, Debtors, Purchase Orders, Bill of Materials, Payroll and General ledger so there is no double entry required. The job costing feature is flexible enough to allow you to perform job costing , time costing or both.

Bill Of Materials

The Bill of Materials feature provides you with a means of managing raw material stock levels and ensuring they are optimized by effective material requirement planning and stock control.

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets feature easily maintains accurate and timely balances on assets calculating both book and tax values. This gives you a complete movement and history of assets including depreciation calculations, reevaluations, disposals and asset transfers.


The Payroll feature allows the operator to set up an individual’s pay in any form required. Giving you enormous flexibility in the way the payroll is prepared.

Tencia Connect Enterprise

Tencia Connect Enterprise can be regarded as the gateway for other applications to integrate with Tencia, it is designed to facilitate the exchange of information between applications. Tencia Connect Enterprise is the facility used within Tencia to allow it to integrate with third party applications ensuring database security is maintained. The Tencia Connect Enterprise user interface is the mechanism that exposes services such as .Net assemblies, Web services and Windows Communications Foundation, or upload and download routines.

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